November 22, 2019

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Literature Resource Center contains up to date biographical information, overviews, full-text literary criticism, and reviews on more than 130,000 writers.

hoopla digital media logo

hoopla is a digital media service that allows users to stream and download books, audiobooks, movies, and music. All items are available immediately and automatically returned at the end of their lending period.

Salem Literature (in the library)

Salem Literature give you instant access to our Salem e-book collection. Critical Insights: Jane Austen, Critical Insights: I know why the caged bird sings and Critical Insights: To kill a mockingbird. Just like the printed books, only fully searchable! Read, email and print from the library or your home computer.

Salem Literature (at home)


Goodreads is a “social cataloging” website where people build personal bookshelves of things they have read and want to read, as well as many reviews by fellow readers. The site also gives you book recommendations based on the books you add to your book shelf.

Mid-Continent Public Library has great readers’ advisory tools, including the largest and most authoritative list of books in a series called “Juvenile and Young Adult Series and Sequels”

Lit Lovers Great information for book clubs, including reading guides.

New York Times Book Review

Bookmovement Find recommended reads for book clubs, reading guides for discussion and ideas for starting your own book club.